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Hoogstraten found guilty

Property gangster Nicholas van Hoogstratenhas just been found found guilty of murder in the civil courts – 2 years after having a 10 year sentence for manslaughter quashed on appeal.

He has extensive property holdings in Britain and Zimbabwe, is worth around 500 million pounds. Relatives of the victim are seeking several millions pounds in damages for Van Hoogstraten’s role in the murder. Two hitmen are currently serving life for the murder.

Olympic Compulsory Purchases

Like the other Olympic games and as with the Arsenal Stadium business ( where they want luxury flats and a mega casino ) and people are getting the boot by politicians and their mates in big business. We all know that much money has been wasted on consultants and propaganda lying about how this will benefit us all ( just as with ALMOs and any other PPP/PFI project -).

Well evictions, compuslory purchases, fares increases, council tax increases, more dodgy property speculation, pollution from the flights to the Olympics, plus devastation of wildlfie habitatas and pollution from the development ( the construction industry is responsible for 50% of emissions causing global warming ). We could also compare this with the corrupt shennanigans in Snowdonia National Park last year where Low Impact Sustainable Housing was destroyed ( search Indymedia for articles on Tony Wrench’s Roundhouse )yet many holiday homes for a corporate company were approved. But this is planning and development all over. Corrupt ( whether that is legal or moral you can decide ).The following BBC report does not mention that tennats have been told that they will have ONLY ONE choice of relocation so if the housing is unfit than they and the communities they are currently with are doublely shafted.
The BBC article:- Olympic land’s compulsory orders

An order securing land needed for the 2012 Olympic Games has been issued by the London Development Agency (LDA).

The compulsory purchase order (CPO) was issued for a 345 hectare site in east London, which has some private housing and more than 270 businesses.

But many of the companies in the Marshgate Lane area of Stratford say they are being forced out.

The LDA, the mayor’s business arm, says it is still prepared to negotiate individual voluntary agreements.

Manny Lewis, chief executive of the LDA, said: “This CPO is a necessary and important step towards the transformation of the Lower Lea Valley and the delivery of the Olympic Park.

Communities ‘boosted’

“The regeneration of this area will give local communities the boost they deserve.

“A legacy of 9,000 new homes, double the number of jobs in the Olympic zone area alone, business opportunities, social facilities, including schools, more green space and, of course, fantastic new sports venues.


What’s the point in regenerating it [the area], when you are going to destroy 300 good businesses and 10,000 jobs
Marshgate Lane businessman Lance Forman

“The issuing of the CPO does not mean the end of negotiations and, indeed, we would much prefer voluntary agreements with businesses and other land owners.”

The majority of those affected will be relocated by the summer of 2007.

One of those affected is Lance Forman who runs a family-owned salmon smoking operation.

He said: “Businesses like our ours are not after compensation. What we want is a site we can operate from that is as good as the one we’ve got.

“One that give us the same access to the City and West End, so that we can run our businesses successfully like we have done for 100 years.

“What’s the point in regenerating it [the area], when you are going to destroy 300 good businesses and 10,000 jobs.”

ASS has moved office

We are now in Whitechapel, East London, near Aldgate East tube.

Our office entrance is in Angel Alley, 84b Whitechapel High Street, London E1 7QX.

The alley is next to the KFC near Aldgate East tube, Whitechapel Art Gallery exit. We are above the bookshop ( and also Autonomy club / internet lab ) . Office hours are Monday to Friday 2 till 6 pm. Phone 020 3216 0099 before coming in.

Plenty of other buses stop at nearby Aldgate ( walking distance – 5 minutes ) including the 253, 254, 115, 15, 67, 78, 40, 42, 45.

ALMOs corruption speech

Former health secretary Frank Dobson of the privatisation obsessed labour Party said: “If they sent in international observers from the UN to look at these ALMO ballots they’d be denounced as invalid. Vote for the ALMO and you’ll get your house done up – don’t vote for the almo and you’ll live in a shit-heap for ever more. Now is that a fair choice?”

Dobson claimed that government-backed ballots on the future management of council housing would be denounced as invalid if they were scrutinised by United Nations election observers.

Speaking at Defend Council Housing’s annual conference, Mr Dobson claimed that local referendums on whether tenants would accept new management for their council housing involved “rigging, bribery and corruption of every sort that you can imagine”.

Chavez’ land redistribtion

Venezuela’s Chavez presents land titles to indigenous groups
By Thais Leon

6:57 p.m. August 9, 2005

KARI’NA LA ISLA, Venezuela ? Six of Venezuela’s indigenous communities received title to their ancestral lands on Tuesday in a ceremony that Venezuela’s president said reversed centuries of injustice.

President Hugo Chavez said he hoped the government would be able to turn over titles to 15 other indigenous communities by the end of the year.

“What we’re recognizing is the original ownership of these lands,” Chavez said during the ceremony. “Now no one will be able to come and trample over you in the future.”

He was joined by Kari’na Indians wearing traditional dress, face paint and strings of colored beads.

But Chavez warned that the process of granting legal ownership must respect Venezuela’s “territorial unity,” and he urged other indigenous groups not to ask for “infinite expanses of territory.”

“Don’t ask me to give you the state’s rights to exploit mines, to exploit oil,” Chavez said. “Before all else comes national unity.”

The documents recognize land ownership by six indigenous communities with some 4,000 people and territory covering 314,000 acres in the eastern states of Anzoategui and Monagas.

One woman from the Kari’na community thanked Chavez, saying: “He has been the first president who has kept his word to a people who have been stripped of their lands.”

An estimated 300,000 Venezuelans belong to 28 indigenous groups, many living in the country’s sparsely populated southeast.

South American countries have made various efforts to grant indigenous groups legal ownership and control over their traditional territories.

In neighboring Colombia, indigenous groups in officially recognized communities can administer justice, receive state funds and have their own government.

Brazil has set aside more than 12 percent of its territory for indigenous communities, and in Peru various laws declare the rights of indigenous groups to ancestral territory in the Amazon.

But problems have arisen in some countries as miners and loggers have moved onto Indian lands. And in various countries, a key debate has revolved around the state’s rights to what lies underground, such as oil and mineral wealth.


Social homes used as power line buffers

Social housing in mixed-tenure developments is being deliberately built under overhead power cables in a bid to safeguard the profits from properties sold privately, according to a new study.

A team of researchers from Oxford Brookes University has found that developers are following the US practice of creating “corridors of public space” to block the view of unsightly overhead cables.

full report:- Inside Housing

Squatters in police station

Squatters find police station is good home without any charges
The Times UK January 17, 2005.

By Sean O’Neill and Nicola Woolcock

In its heyday, Arbour Square police station in Stepney held its share of notorious and hardened criminals including the Kray brothers and alleged IRA terrorists.

But the imposing red-brick building with attached courthouse has recently acquired an altogether different, some would say more anarchic, type of occupant –  squatters who have moved in and made themselves comfortably at home.

A skull and crossbones flag has replaced the Union Jack and flutters at half-mast over the disused building in Lodon’s East End while a Crimestoppers sticker remains in one of its windows. The police, who are powerless to evict squatters by force, are in the embarrassing position of having to take legal action to regain possession of what was their own building. The former home of law and justice had gone the way of many police stations, closing some years ago. It was recently sold at auction and contracts are due to be exchanged with the new owners who, it is thought, will convert it into luxury flats.

But the three-storey property has proved so popular with its current residents that they have put up a sign saying: “We are filled, there are no more spaces for people to live”. Police believe that the occupants are members of a network of “professional” squatters, who know their rights, have lawyers and mobile phones and organise music and art events. A legal notice taken from Section 6 of the Criminal Law Act has been posted on the front door. It advises that entry without the squatters’ permission is a criminal offence and that “we will prosecute” anyone attempting to enter by violence.

“If you want to get us out you will have to take out a summons for possession in the county court or in the High Court, or produce to us a written statement or certificate in terms of S.12A Criminal Law Act, 1977,” it adds.

A moss-covered Royal Coat of Arms is engraved above the building’s main door and a sign that gives the station’s opening hours remains in place, even though it shut in 1999. Most windows are covered with chipboard or corrugated metal sheets.

More than 20 people are living in the property, including a teaching assistant and a Polish couple.

They have hooked up lights and heaters to a mains electricity supply and are said to sleep in one part of the half-acre development while holding parties in the other.

A Metropolitan Police source said: “We will be seeking an injunction because obviously the new owners will want to have vacant possession.”

“It is all very embarrassing because they are probably using the old police showers and cooking in the police canteen.”