Olympic Compulsory Purchases

Like the other Olympic games and as with the Arsenal Stadium business ( where they want luxury flats and a mega casino ) and people are getting the boot by politicians and their mates in big business. We all know that much money has been wasted on consultants and propaganda lying about how this will benefit us all ( just as with ALMOs and any other PPP/PFI project -).

Well evictions, compuslory purchases, fares increases, council tax increases, more dodgy property speculation, pollution from the flights to the Olympics, plus devastation of wildlfie habitatas and pollution from the development ( the construction industry is responsible for 50% of emissions causing global warming ). We could also compare this with the corrupt shennanigans in Snowdonia National Park last year where Low Impact Sustainable Housing was destroyed ( search Indymedia for articles on Tony Wrench’s Roundhouse )yet many holiday homes for a corporate company were approved. But this is planning and development all over. Corrupt ( whether that is legal or moral you can decide ).The following BBC report does not mention that tennats have been told that they will have ONLY ONE choice of relocation so if the housing is unfit than they and the communities they are currently with are doublely shafted.
The BBC article:- Olympic land’s compulsory orders

An order securing land needed for the 2012 Olympic Games has been issued by the London Development Agency (LDA).

The compulsory purchase order (CPO) was issued for a 345 hectare site in east London, which has some private housing and more than 270 businesses.

But many of the companies in the Marshgate Lane area of Stratford say they are being forced out.

The LDA, the mayor’s business arm, says it is still prepared to negotiate individual voluntary agreements.

Manny Lewis, chief executive of the LDA, said: “This CPO is a necessary and important step towards the transformation of the Lower Lea Valley and the delivery of the Olympic Park.

Communities ‘boosted’

“The regeneration of this area will give local communities the boost they deserve.

“A legacy of 9,000 new homes, double the number of jobs in the Olympic zone area alone, business opportunities, social facilities, including schools, more green space and, of course, fantastic new sports venues.


What’s the point in regenerating it [the area], when you are going to destroy 300 good businesses and 10,000 jobs
Marshgate Lane businessman Lance Forman

“The issuing of the CPO does not mean the end of negotiations and, indeed, we would much prefer voluntary agreements with businesses and other land owners.”

The majority of those affected will be relocated by the summer of 2007.

One of those affected is Lance Forman who runs a family-owned salmon smoking operation.

He said: “Businesses like our ours are not after compensation. What we want is a site we can operate from that is as good as the one we’ve got.

“One that give us the same access to the City and West End, so that we can run our businesses successfully like we have done for 100 years.

“What’s the point in regenerating it [the area], when you are going to destroy 300 good businesses and 10,000 jobs.”

Robbie Newton

Homeless activist, squatter, Big issue seller, sometime ASS person, and inveterate Scouse wrangler in court on behalf of other squatter, especially those with little English.

Judges never knew what to make of Robbie; he bust their stereotypes in about six directions. his genius was to get the poor dears so confused that a load of old bollocks began to look like a half-decent defence worth an adjournment or three.

“How the fuck did you pill that one off, Robbie” was a frequently asked question at ASS and now we’ll never know the answer. There wasn’t one really – no magic trick you could explain – it was just Robbie. He kept roofs over heads, sometimes for months on end.

Robbie was only 58. He did everything above between bouts of illness in the last few years. He’d been trying to raise the ‘right to life’ provisions of the Human Rights Act as a defence against evictions because of the much shorter life expectancy of people living on the streets, which he’d had to do himself for many years.

Robbie’s funeral will be held on Monday 7th November at West Norwood Crematorium, Norwood Road, London SE19 at 3.30pm.


ASS has moved office

We are now in Whitechapel, East London, near Aldgate East tube.

Our office entrance is in Angel Alley, 84b Whitechapel High Street, London E1 7QX.

The alley is next to the KFC near Aldgate East tube, Whitechapel Art Gallery exit. We are above the bookshop ( and also Autonomy club / internet lab ) . Office hours are Monday to Friday 2 till 6 pm. Phone 020 3216 0099 before coming in.

Plenty of other buses stop at nearby Aldgate ( walking distance – 5 minutes ) including the 253, 254, 115, 15, 67, 78, 40, 42, 45.

Squatted street Faces Demolition

Londons longest surviving sqatted streets threatened with demolition

Jim, Kathy, Danny, Victor, Uwe and Fred

St. Agnes Place, Kennington, is London’s oldest squatted street. Two hundred people are threatened with imminent eviction and the twenty-something Victorian terraced houses are soon to be demolished.

St. Agnes Place is a community. For over thirty years it has evolved into a stimulating, challenging and rewarding mixture of cultures with creative people and vulnerable people, from all over the world. St. Agnes Place is home to the Rastafarian movement in Britain. Bob Marley used the International Rastafarian Headquarters as a second home in the seventies. Many other former residents are now working as doctors and in other careers which were only made possible by the welcoming arms of the streets patron. It is indeed a unique community; nowhere else in London can there be found a street of such diversity, where people from multi-cultural backgrounds live together with such a degree of interaction and mutual support.
Since the mid-seventies, Lambeth Council have constantly used the force of the law and avoided talking to the residents on a more personal level. Consequently the possibility of arriving at an amicable solution between the two parties has never been fully explored.
Lambeth Council has stated in their recent determination to evict Saint Agnes Place that the residents have no legal defence in this case. But is not the right to enjoy the security and safety of your home a reason to oppose such an eviction? The Human Rights Bill says that it is.
Lambeth Council are moving the eviction order forward with ruthless haste, before the residents can effectively protest or make their voice heard in the media. Should this eviction go ahead hundreds of people will made homeless during the cold winter months solely for profit. As of yet Lambeth Council have not responded to enquiries about their development plans following the eviction.

20 – 10 – 05 :
Lambeth County Court yesterday gave in to the Councils demand to have the eviction warrant executed by High Court bailiffs and sherrifs. Also, permission was granted to execute the evicxtion on Sundays. That means, Lambeth Council could roll in every minute from now. The residents ask all former residents and sympathisers to rally for the survival of the community. Some people will leave their houses in the next few days. We need people to fill the vacancies and help to resist the greedy developers!
Very important: Please send this on to other sympathetic media!!!

Okupational Hazard Squat Fest

The fourth Okupational Hazard Squat Fest is on Saturday October 22nd 2005
It’s from 9pm sharp and features bands, cafe, cinema, stalls etc. etc.

All the details are below – make sure you check back regularly as we have more bands confirmed and will be adding more details shortly. Visit their website.

Location :- ( London area ) Call 07908 116440 or 07961 651 791 after 8pm on the night or check back here!

Whats On:-

LIVE MUSIC FROM: Inner Terrestrials, Dread Messiah, P.A.I.N. , Restarts, Flatpig, Short Bus Window Lickers, Dirty Love, Headjam, Cupid Stunt, Subsource, Dead Silence, Fil Planet, United Vibration, Babar Luck, Carpet Face, Zora Jakal

SOUND SYSTEMS: Siren, Reknaw, Braincell, Rich Kidz

FUNKY STUFF: Cabaret ( inc. 12 Volt Vandals ) Fire Show Light Show by B.I.T.S. Art Cafe Cinema and Stalls ( including Advisory Service For Squatters celebrating their 30th birthday. ).

Wey hey – the only place to be on the night which coincidentally is after a certain Anarchist Bookfair….

Save Christiania Petition

Petition to save Christiania, one of Europe’ oldest suriving autonomous zones, from destruction:

Save Christiania

IN Denmark the present right wing government wishes, with the support of the Danish people’s Party, to close Christiania under the guise of city renewal.

We do not want Christiania renewed and thereby loose our rights in the area. Christiania has in the course of the last 31 years renewed and restored itself.

We wish to preserve Christiania as an independent area which can be experienced by people from all over the world. Please sign our petition and forward this email to your friends.


ALMOs corruption speech

Former health secretary Frank Dobson of the privatisation obsessed labour Party said: “If they sent in international observers from the UN to look at these ALMO ballots they’d be denounced as invalid. Vote for the ALMO and you’ll get your house done up – don’t vote for the almo and you’ll live in a shit-heap for ever more. Now is that a fair choice?”

Dobson claimed that government-backed ballots on the future management of council housing would be denounced as invalid if they were scrutinised by United Nations election observers.

Speaking at Defend Council Housing’s annual conference, Mr Dobson claimed that local referendums on whether tenants would accept new management for their council housing involved “rigging, bribery and corruption of every sort that you can imagine”.

Alt Housing Conference 2005

This years venue is at Open Arts Platform, Old Seager Distillery, Deptford, London . It’s on Saturday, 29 October 2005 from10am till 5pm and admission is FREE. You should attend.

Visting the Alternative Housing Conference site will give you an idea of what previous yeards have covered with everything from Squat Social centres, planning law for eco-projects, earth ships, and fund raising for alt. communties. There is also audio from previous years.

This year’s conference will be following a slightly different vein to the usual “Alternative Housing” focus; instead it tries to fuse the aims of independent community/ co-operative groups in South East London that are aiming to realise the “Social Economy” in our area and “media-centric” groups which are trying to realise a means of networking the wide, disparate range of community groups. We shall examine what is happening in South East London, how community groups are using media (or not) to gain presence, how art/ media/ design could aid the social economy, demonstrating how the social economy is beneficial to the world of art/ media/ design, using real projects to demonstrate these points. The aim of the conference is to see how the two areas (Social Economy and Art/ Media/ Design) can aid one another in their aims/ goals and how media is being used in a constructive and positive manner.

The conference will be accompanied by workshops that will give those wishing to start a projects practical advice on how to go about setting up and how to finance themselves.

The theme reads: “Progressing the Social Economy through Art/ Media/Design and vice versa…” thus:

“Progressing”: progress, taking further, enhancing, developing, evolving

“Social Economy”: the economic system made up community/ co-operative/business groups which embrace both financial and social goals, such as housing co-operatives, workers co-operatives. The social economy is the sector of activity that functions for social purposes. It seeks to achieve all or some of the following criteria: sustainable and self financing; activity of benefit to those who are involved in it; to address the needs of those who are currently disadvantaged; to encourage the ethic of self help; to replace dependency with self reliance; to enhance the social fabric of a community. For the full description visit the Social Economy Info Sheet

“Art/ Media/ Design”: “Art” (any medium, galleries, studios), “Media” (radio, TV, music, print, advertising, internet (web and infrastructure)) and “Design” (graphic,interior, advertising, product) are wide, generic terms to incorporate a range of media options and infrastructure which relate to the making the Social Economy visible.

“vice versa”: as art/ media/ design can help the social economy, the social economy can certainly help make art accessible to more people through its supportive network and cheaper living, working and running costs.

For more information visit their site or contact James McDonald on 02086927316.

Travellers Fight for Homes

Travellers Tell Officials; “We’ll Fight For Our Homes”

The first-ever talks with local government officials to take place at Dale Farm, the 85-family community threatened with destruction by Basildon district council, appears have produced a positive outcome. Residents’ spokesman Richard Sheridan has welcomed a proposal from Philip Hamberger, assistant to chief executive Bala Mahedram, to set up an inter-community public meeting at Crays Hill later this autumn. “We’re obliged to promote good community relations,” newly-appointed diversity consultant Fola Kudehinbu, told the meeting held at the home of resident Mary Ann McCarthy. (13 Sept). Mrs McCarthy said all the residents wanted was to be left in peace to enjoy the homes they had created on the land they had purchased. They wanted nothing from the council except a piece of paper granting planning permission.

What no one wanted, she said, was for the council to send in bulldozers and crush everything that belonged to them, along with their hopes and dreams for a better future for their children and grandchildren. “I don’t want to see all the children shouting and screaming,” Mrs McCarthy told Mr Hamberger. “We’ll put up a fight if you send the bailiffs in here.”

In response Mr Hamberger said he personally could not alter the decision made by the council to spend £2 million on an eviction operation. For now it was up to the courts. But whoever was left at Dale Farm, whether 20% or 50% of the present population, his purpose was to improve relations.

“You can’t improve relations by evicting people,” interjected Wickford resident Anna Kobayashi. “We have a hundred Travellers coming to our church and that to my mind is real community relations.”

Mr Sheridan said he was determined to see 100% of the people remained. “We don’t want you to spend £2 million trying to get us off here – keep your money and leave us to live happily ever after.”

He suggested that the council could help promote a better image of Travellers simply by using different language. For start, the word encampment should be dropped and Dale Farm described instead as a village.

Dale Farm campaigner Grattan Puxon pointed out that on past evidence of the way bailiff company Constant & Co. operate, Basildon council would be breaking the law should direct action be ordered. In particular, he warned against the use of heavy machinery belonging to HE Services.

“Video evidence,” said Mr Puxon, “shows Constant terrorising children and wantonly burning property. These eviction operations contravene health and safety regulations.”

He reminded the council officials that at the recent eviction involving families at nearby Hovefields Avenue Constant and HE Services had acted in contempt of a high court injunction by sending a bulldozer crashing through fences on the property of Mrs Gilheaney, of Ash

Before the meeting, residents removed a barrier of gas-canisters, which had hampered letter deliveries to Dale Farm. They have been replaced by a steel-gate and barbed-wire, limiting access along the private road to authorised vehicles only.


If readers wish to protest the use of bulldozers here is a sample email

Dear Mr Hugh Edeleanu,

At a recent eviction (26 July) at Wickford, Essex,one of your bulldozers crushed the fencing on the property of Mrs Gilheaney, of Ash View, in an act of trespass that was in contempt of a High Court Injunction.

We ask you not to further damage your own image by hiring out your machinery and drivers to Constant & Co, the “Gypsy eviction specialists”.

In particular, we request that you take no part in the bulldozing of the 85 homes at Dale Farm, Crays Hills, Essex, as planned by Basildon district council. Human Rights Monitors will be video-filmingthis operation, if it takes place

ASS 30th Birthday & Bookfair

Its 30 years of ASS this October ( OK you can quibble about the date as some count Feb and some June I believe – Mr P will probably correct me :) ) .

ASS will be at the the wonderful Anarchist Bookfair – which is on Saturday 22nd October at the Resource Centre, 356 Holloway Road ( next door to the nice n cheap Coronet pub ) .

At the Bookfair we will be announcing our change of address ( the new office will then be ready, honest ) to above Freedom Bookshop at Angel alley, Whitechapel High St. as well as dispensing advice, flogging handbooks, and looking for staff!

With regard to after the Bookfair ASS will be going to the amazing 4th Okupational Hazard SquatFest in London where we will have a stall ….

Legal & practical advice for squatters and other homeless people