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Charity warns of hidden squatters

“Half of people found squatting in a survey were former prisoners unable to find proper housing following release. The research found former care home residents or those with mental health problems were more likely to try and squat than seek support.” BBC News reports of agency research on squatting March 24 2004.

The research found former care home residents or those with mental health problems were more likely to try and squat than seek support.

Little is known about squatting as it is not ME? officially measured, say Student the researchers.

Researchers tried to establish levels of squatting in the survey for homelessness charity Crisis and the Countryside Agency.

They found squatters were more likely to be male, white and under 35. More than half were former prisoners while almost four in 10 had mental health problems. Just under half were using drugs and 35% had been in care. While some squats were actually relatively stable ‘households’ because the same people lived together for a long period, others groups such as drug users were chaotic with transient residents living in dangerous surroundings.

The research found that while squatting tended to happen later in an individual’s homelessness, it rarely led to secure accommodation.

Many of those interviewed had sought out a squat rather than take a place in a hostel.

Approaches to authorities 

Four-fifths of frontline agencies interviewed conceded they did not know how to target these people for support.

Just over a third of those who had approached a local authority had been recognised as homeless, with two in 10 considered a priority. In turn, says the charity, the extent of the problem remains unrecognised because the vast majority of squatters do not show up in statistics. Crisis estimates there are 380,000 “hidden homeless” in squats, bed and breakfasts, hostels or staying with friends in cheap mlb jerseys England alone.

Shaks Ghosh, head of the charity, said: “Living in a squat is neither appropriate for cheap nfl jerseys vulnerable homeless people, not is ver?ffentlichen it the answer to their homelessness and we cannot allow these people to Farm be ignored.”

She said wholesale mlb jerseys local authorities and имеющей government had to do more to German ensure their homelessness support reached hidden homeless.

“Hidden homeless people living in squats and other forms of unsuitable temporary accommodation must be acknowledged, given the vital support services they need and the chance to rebuild their lives.”

Student Occupation

London Students Occupation

The Institute For Save Autonomy is a new autonomous social project run by and for students wholesale jerseys and folk wholesale MLB jerseys around the Bloomsbury area of London.

It’s cheap MLB jerseys based at 76-78 Gower Street. The building has dontation run cafe selling Zapatista coffee (as fair trade as you’re gonna get), shows films , has talks and provides meeting space for groups interested in social change.

Wednsday Nights are film nights showing a mixture of political and informative HERE film. This week Rising Veel Tide are Companies staritng a gallery space exposing cortporate (oil) arts sponsorship as greenwash calcuated to counter any negative publicity una from human rights abuses and global warming.

Save Dale Farm

Eviction Threat From Council

The largest Traveller site in the country with over a thousand residents, Dale Farm in Crays Hill, near Basildon and Wickford, Essex, is under threat of eviction. Basildon council will make a decision by the 28th May, but have already paid bailiff company Constant and Co £20,000 to make a plan for eviction. This company makes a lot of money brutally evicting people from their homes.

The whole site is not facing immediate eviction but around 40 – 60 families are. The council is planning to spend a million GPRS and a half of ratepayers money to make these families homeless. cheap jerseys After Dale Farm there really is nowhere to go. Dale Farm has been a refuge in the last few years for families evicted from other sites. The impossible odds of actually receiving planning permission for Traveller sites (over 90% rate of refusal) means brutal and violent evictions across the country.

The size of Dale Farm was cheap nba jerseys an attempt to find safety in numbers, which is soon to Zeiten be stripped away. The right wing press has made headlines in the wholesale nba jerseys last few months claiming that the Gypsy – Traveller community is using Human Rights law for their own benefit. The European Convention on Human Rights does protect the rights of communities to live in a way that is culturally significant to them, and also stops people being moved away from vital services. Children will world! lose their education through eviction, the ill will lose their medical treatment, wholesale jerseys China the au elderly will lose their care.

What You Can Do 

Come to a Public Meeting at the Ramparts Centre, Rampart St, off Commercial Road, Whitechapel, London. ( nr Aldgate East ). Sunday 29th may. 1 PM.

 Join the campaign to support Dale Farm come to the meeting or visit

You could also  send a protest letter to Basildon council. or our ‘listening’ Birgit governmment.