Practical help for new squatters in London – an update

Practical Squatting Nights: a huge change

Update: There is now a Practical Squatters Night, 2nd Tuesday of the month (from April 9th) at Decentre (downstairs from ASS office)

When ‘Practical Squatting Nights’ first began, many years ago, they felt like an incredibly useful project, for people who were new to squatting and/or London, who had practical questions or just wanted to find other people to squat with. Since the introduction of S144, the number of people looking to squatting as a solution to their homelessness has definitely declined – with more choosing alternative options: rough sleeping, sofa-surfing, etc.
The numbers coming along to regular Practical Squatting Nights ( on Tuesdays, twice a month at 56a and twice a month at DeCentre) has dwindled steadily over the past few years. WE think it’s time for a shake up.

What’s going to happen now?

Anyone looking to squat/ form a crew should get in touch with ASS, and leave their contact details (so we can text/phone, or failing that, email them) and basic info about what they’re looking for, when they want to move, etc.
Once we’ve gathered at least 5 or 6 names, we’ll set up a time for everyone to meet each other, and discuss/ look at potential buildings.
We’re looking for a few more people with squatting experience, who’d be willing to put a bit of time and energy into sharing their skills with these new people, and supporting them as they squat a new place.
We’re also looking for empties!
If you see any ‘non-residential’ buildings that you think might be suitable for first-time squatters – in any area of London (people who haven’t squatted before often aren’t geographically fussy!) please report them to the ASS office.
We are still happy to come out and run ‘practical squatting workshops’, ‘squatting legal workshops’ etc on request – whether that’s for existing squat crews or other groups of people – again, please contact ASS if you’d like to arrange something like this.